Gear Grinding

Precision gear profile grinding is an essential requirement for gears which are components of high speed gearboxes and critical aerospace applications. Er Makina manufactures precision gears that have optimal gear profile accuracy and high precision surface finish. We achieve the quality class 3 DIN 3961-3962 in spur and helical gears by using Höfler Rapid 800 LK. We are also able to grind worms with our grinding machine including worms with profile Zk, Zn and Za. Höfler Rapid 800 LK is capable of generating dressing programs that automatically dress the corrrect forms on wheels. Grinding operations are all performed in a seperate clean and enviriomentally controlled room which allows us hold tight tolerances.

Gear Cutting

Comprehensive shaping of  internal / extarnal gears also splines and external gear hobbing are performed at Er Makina . We focus on close tolerance applications where our experienced team can perform at highest level. We are capable of cutting both small and large diameter gears. Our Gear Measurement System is utilized for checking and controlling gears after cutting processes.

Milling and Drilling

Having high technology equipment operated by experienced people makes Er Makina provide to mill and drill complex parts with tight tolerances. From prototype to high volume, our CNC milling and drilling service meets the variety of needs in many industries. Er Makina’s milling and drilling experience makes raw material a precision gearing and spline component that customers require.

Surface, ID and OD Grinding

Er Makina provides ID, OD and surface grinding to have precision surface and form specifications. We have variety of grinding equipment and technologies to maximize surface quality and meet the requirements of industry. Full inspection capabilities including size, concentricity and form are available along with process control as required.


Er Makina is equipped to provide full range of turning service in order to manufacture highly accurate precision gears and variety of part profiles. Our lathes are optimal for turning gears and shafts in different sizes. All of our capacity is currently utilized for in-house manufacturing with close control of processes.

Broaching and Keyseating

Er Makina’s gear and spline expertise makes it manufacture many types of broaching systems. When the volume is high and time is critical for customers, Er Makina offers broaching for splines and keyways in many sizes and shapes. We have a large amount of broaches that are utilized to meet customer needs and we have full inspection capabilities for virtually any broached component.