Er Makina provides unique solutions for specific applications, R&D projects and new products with its prototyping service. It offers cost-effective and performance improving optimisation within prototyping processes by using special software tools. Inspection and quality standards are applied on each part during production processes to achieve best results considering customers’ requirements.

Design Engineering

Er Makina has built great expertise in development and production of gears and gearboxes. Our team designs a single component, entire system or a sub-system considering manufacturability, operational/functional expectations from system and customer goals. Romax Designer Software is key tool for our design facilities that provides; gear mesh misalignment calculation, planetary gear modelling, gear/spline micro geometry analysis, transmission errors, gearbox housing analyzing and finite element calculation.

Reverse Engineering

Er Makina provides design, modelling, manufacturing and inspection expreience on reverse engineered parts to respond to demanding requirements and needs. We also deconstruct a gear or an assembly to evaluate, analyze and determine the technical requirements by using speecial softwares and high technology inspection equipments.

Repair and Maintenance

Er Makina is specialized in repair and maintenance of gear reducers and gearboxes. We provide uninstallation, installation, alignment, testing and start-up of gearboxes and gear reducers. Design development, redesign or reworking facilities are applied on damaged components enhancing original features and characteristics. Er Makina has been performing repair and maintenance for many industries such as mining, cement and energy that need rapid and effective solutions.

Gearbox Assembly

Er Makina manufactures and tests a variety of assemblies. Our gearbox assembly Department features full array of equipment for assembly operations including presses, heaters. Assembly oeprations are performed by expreienced trained technicians who often deals with challenging customer specifications. For controlling and checking of gearbox components and housings, our CMM (Coordiante Measuring Machine) and GMS (Gear Measurement System) are used to have best results.