With manufacturing and design exprertise, Er Makina produces high quality worms and worm gears from many types of material grades. Worm gears are generally manufactured by hobbing with a hob. A special cutting tool (hob) is supplied for each manufactured worm gear to meet the requirement for a compact worm gear system. Worms can be manufactured by turning, hobbing, milling or grinding considering its geometric and functional features. Our state-of-the-art Profile Grinding machine has special feature to grind profiles of worms which makes us be capable ofhavingrequired high quality forms.

• Module:1 -25.0 mm
• Diameter:20-1000mm (Depending on module and number of teeth)
• Profile Type: • Grouınd Quality:DIN QualityClassQ4-Q7
• Unground Quality:DIN Quality Class Q7-Q9

• Module:1,5-15.0 mm
• Diameter:30-1000mm(Depending on module and number of teeth)
• Grouınd Quality:DIN QualityClassQ4-Q7